About Me

Meet me, Abdullah, here. A Software Engineer, part of the PressTigers clan at Nextbridge (Pvt.) Ltd. as a WP Plugin Developer who loves to contribute to opensource projects. I am the part of the PressTigers development team who developed very simple and robust open source plugins on WP.org. Also the part of the meetup organizing team for the WordPress Meetups Lahore group.

A regular core contributor of WordPress since the WP 4.9.3 and contributed to Gutenberg, Postman SMTP, WP Job Manager and many other open source projects in addition to reporting few bugs at Facebook Graph API as a bug hunter.

I also love to help people on different support forums especially on WordPress and took initiated for the Urdu Support Forum for the ease of Urdu speakers.

I am the event organizer for the WordPress Meetups Lahore and hosted a meetup (Gutenberg & How to Get involved with WordPress) with the sponsorship of Nextbridge & PressTigers.

I am also the part of organizing the team for the first ever WordCamp to be held in Karachi on 4th August.

Online Presence:

WP.org: https://profiles.wordpress.org/abdullahramzan/
Github: https://github.com/abdullah1908
Say Hi 👋 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Software_abi


Published by

Abdullah Ramzan

Sr. Product Veteran, Scout Ambassador at Amazon, Community Wrangler & Regular WordPress Core Contributor Dev @WordPress

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